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We are dedicated to creating cruelty-free and natural cosmetics and skin care products at Newport Cosmeceuticals.

Cruelty free

The label “cruelty-free” refers to the fact that these ingredients were not tested on animals at any point during their production.


Our products are made from organically sourced minerals and organic oils, making them soothing and safe for all skin types.

Beautiful Skin

is Our Business

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Natural ingredients for clean
& responsible beauty

Consultation with the experts

Every new customer who comes or inquires about our services receives a free skin consultation. It’s the only way we can provide you our expert guidance and assist you in achieving your goals.

Receive a custom made formula

No more hunting for effective skincare. Every time, you’ll get a customized formula tailored to your skin’s needs. After 30 days, 78 percent of all Newport users report an improvement.

Stay in touch for feedback

Contact our team using the form below if you require any further information on the ingredients in your product or if you require any additional support with your specific skin care requirements.


Clean Your Skin

Clear your skin off all the sebum (oil) and impurities with our cleanser

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Tone Your Skin

Toners should always be applied immediately after cleansing to remove any traces of impurities.

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Smoothen Your Skin

Moisturizing is essential for a smooth complexion; find the right moisturiser for your skin type.

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Restore Anty-Aging

Plump, tone, and tighten your skin with the finest anti-aging night creams to keep it elastic.

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Eliminate Acne

Newport Cosmeceuticals has found through medical research that by using Pentapeptides in our formula, an additional 68% reduction of medium to deep surface wrinkles can be achieved.

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